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Everywhere you turn these days its seems that neuroscience and the world of business are being linked; whether it’s the latest study, a new insight into enhanced leadership or a look at modern marketing methods, neuroscience seems to be in the business news.Why is this?Well, one of the main reasons is the importance of intellectual capital to the modern, forward- thinking business.The Knowledge Economy and Information AgeModern times are often referred to as the Information Age and another term you may hear is the Knowledge Economy.Both terms point to the fact that business today depends more than ever on information – creating, gathering, processing and disseminating that information to customers is something that almost every business will relate to, large and small.Just look at the subject of intellectual property and patents to see how innovation is valued and information coveted by the huge organisations like Apple and Samsung,Of course we rely on the great technological breakthroughs to bring us computers, mobile phones and so on to enable business to be done more smoothly but it is people who are the creators behind everything that business needs to be more productive, more competitive and more successful.This is why neuroscience carries such currency these days.A Little Neuroscience… A little neuroscience in the wrong hands can get us into trouble!The brain is the most complex organ in the body, made up of as many neurons as there are stars in a galaxy. To try to draw conclusions about staff behaviour, from a few studies we have read on the brain, is likely to end in disaster!The truth is: if scientists were able to explain exactly what the brain is doing when you brush your teeth in the morning it would be a major breakthrough. There is still so much to learn about the workings of the brain that, in as little as twenty years time, we may look back and laugh at some of the conclusions we make today.So we have to be very careful with any information we start applying to business – there is still so much that is not known and is little more than just guesswork.Having said that, neuroscience has advanced to the point where medical imaging is freely available and can identify which parts of the brain are most active when exposed to certain stimuli – and therefore it is hoped that people’s behaviour can be better explained.It takes a rare breed of person to be able to understand the science and then apply that to a business environment, though. It’s no easy task and most business leaders will need to be led by someone who has the experience of the science and in designing frameworks that can be tailored to individual organisations.Business AdvantagesThere are undoubtedly some great advantages to many areas of business by applying some of the findings of neuroscience.Leadership, teamwork, organisational development, change management, communications and marketing have all had the “neuro” treatment in recent years and benefited from the innovative approaches that have been introduced.Neuroscience also helps us understand human emotions and response better. For example, we know more about stress through studies and this helps us generally create workplace environments that manage stress better or reduce it – leading to a happier and more productive place to work.

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Twitter is a free social networking site that connects people through short messages. Twitter messages may be sent through a mobile phone, instant messaging facility or the web. It works like a web-based version of the short message service available on a mobile phone. The big difference however, is that a text message sent through a mobile phone cannot match a note sent through Twitter either in terms of its reach to millions, or in terms of generating a discussion about the topic that all those interested may follow.Let us analyze how Twitter works.Smart business minded people use Twitter as an advertising and marketing medium. Even the White House has been able to exploit technology and the internet to the hilt. A look at two messages on Twitter enables a visitor to the site to gauge its potential.The WhiteHouse is unveiling new government transparency tool today. Join the live chat at 5pm ET 9:37 AM Jun 30th from webOn Monday Supreme Court Nominee Judge Sotomayor fractured her ankle. Sign her virtual cast: 7:48 AM Jun 10th from Power TwitterWhile the first message shows how the site may be used to convey important policy information with links to the details, the second enables one to introduce an important personality, garner support for her and build a personal rapport with people. Any business would have similar communication needs to connect to its customers.Twitter may be used to communicate information about a business launch, product launch and product features. It could be used for customer support and damage control. It is a source for researching customer interests and getting new ideas. Its in-built simplicity and brevity help in allowing customers to give the business a chance to make its case.Twitter allows a business to form or follow groups based on the purpose. If it has a virtual pool of employees, group instructions and policy changes may be the key points of discussion. It could find out what competitors are up to by following their accounts. It could have customers following it and it could also follow them to keep a tab on their issues and suggestions.For a business to gain from Twitter, it needs to advertise its account on other forms of web presence or advertisements that it supports and provide links to those on Twitter as well. For example, a business that sells or rents out DVDs may make announcements on new movies through Twitter and add a line on its blog or banner that the latest business news may be followed through Twitter.